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A Room of Bill's Own

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19 August
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The most important thing to know about me is that I have superpowers. Other than that, I have a day job working for the government. I'd tell you more but I'd have to kill you. I also DJ on Friday nights am throwing obscene amounts of money at Mary's in East Atlanta. I have a little dog named Maggie and a little cat named Henry. I smoke. I sort of smoke again but not really. I certainly drink. I like getting laid. I also have a secret lab and will be taking over the planet shortly.

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User Number: 3224
Date Created:05/16/2000
Number of Posts: 128

Bill has been on LiveJournal a long time, but usually gets bored with it after posting regularly for a few days. He lives in Atlanta and avoids making left turns whenever possible.
Strengths: Other than superpowers, his house has cute animals, good liquor, and clean bathrooms.
Weaknesses: Bossy, indecisive, sleeps alot, can't remember shit.
Special Skills: Intuition, licensed to drive a forklift, distance.
Weapons: Red hair, Airzooka.
Motto: This would all go so much smoother if I could go ahead and get my way.

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Note: My friends list is not all that personal and you shouldn't take it as an insult if I don't add you. Feel free to add/remove me for whatever reasons you want as well. I don't really monitor that.

Update: Happily, I've been advised about how to use filters to make my friends list less overwhelming to read, so this is not quite the problem it once was.

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